• Medical Doctor On Site (Addiction Specialist)

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  • 60-90 days for cost of 30 days in similar programs

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  • Narcotic detection dog on site

    Rebound Brooklyn
  • Licensed and credentialed staff

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  • Williamsburg: NYC's best neighborhood.

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  • Relaxing Communal Areas

    Addiction Treatment Brooklyn

Welcome to Rebound Brooklyn

Rebound Brooklyn is an abstinence-based addiction treatment program, one of the few that is owned and operated by a medical doctor who is certified by both The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and The American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). At Rebound, we conceptualize addiction as a brain disease that affects not only the client, but also the entire family and social system. Our program is focused on building sobriety through the accurate diagnosis of addiction and any co-occurring psychiatric disorders that may contribute to the addictive problem. We operate by teaching life skills, addressing issues around early recovery and helping clients and their loved ones. We help clients regain their lives in order to cultivate sustained recovery. Utilizing an in-depth understanding of addiction and mental health treatment, the staff at Rebound supports the individual in identifying goals and guides them efficiently and effectively in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Rebound Brooklyn services include:

  • Addiction Management
  • Interventions and Crisis Management
  • Sober Companionship
  • Safe and Sober Living
  • Psychiatric Care and Medication Management

Rebound is in the heart of Williamsburg one of NYC's most interesting neighborhoods. Filled with shops and restaurants, Williamsburg is a dynamic and recovery friendly community. Positioned right on the east River, rebound is an easy car or subway ride to Manhattan and convenient to the entire eastern seaboard for families or for clients who don't want to have to travel great distances to receive top quality treatment.